27 Mar

Winner of the 2015 HELOA Best practice and innovation award (in association with UCL)

In recognition of the unique summer school we delivered in partnership with University College London, members of HELOA voted for the August summer school as an example of best practice and innovation.

The Award was presented to a member of the UCL Widening Participation Team and Esmail managed to grab a quick picture after the gala dinner.

Esmail said “It’s always nice to get recognition for some of the hard work we put into these events, but the winners were definitely the young people who attend the summer school it will be an experience they will never forget.”

The summer school was very rewarding with many positive responses from the students who attended.

“This was an amazing opportunity and gave me a chance to find out more about UCL. Now my confidence has grown and I am even more determined to work hard from now on.
Because of UCL, I believe in myself and that I can do it. Being deaf doesn’t stop me doing
anything.” – Grace

“I met a lot of individuals who were going on the same journey as I am in life, being Deaf and wanting to go to university. It was a wonderful and unique experience.”- Emily

“Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to be part of UCL Summer School. It has been an amazing time, learning new things, meeting up with new people and finally going to evening activities such as The Shard and Billy Elliot theatre. Also, all the information we have learnt were very useful and educational such as the UCAS and personal statements, understanding Student Finances and many more. So, thank you very much for your support you have given me and I had a great time being part of UCL Summer School.” – Ammaar

Summer School in "The Shard"

Summer School in “The Shard”










Read about the Discover UCL Summer School on  the university website here.