In 2009 Esmail Patel our director and founder had a concept to provide a range of services that can dramatically change the way people perceive D/deaf people, and the services they deliver to them.  DEAF rapidly expanded their services, eventually branching out into the education sector, but to deliver this we needed to grow and recruit people that were as committed as its founder to the support of D/deaf and hard of hearing people. So with this steady growth we have achieved unparallel success working with Higher Education institutions to target and deliver quality information to the right group of people in a format that is both accessible and supportive.



Tailor made solutions that can empower individuals from hard-to-reach communities that would otherwise find considerable barriers to information, thus enabling informed decisions and the raising aspirations of many young people nationally. Additionally its not just supporting people who are D/deaf or hard of hearing, a considerable side of our work enables us to break down the barriers of communication by teaching hearing people the culture and language of the D/deaf community.



Because we feel passionately about what the future will look like for D/deaf people, we want a world where anyone can engage independently and effectively with D/deaf people without the usual barriers in place.



Always… Our team are always available to provide information; support and guidance, contact us now to start your journey and see where it takes you.


Our mission?

Utilising our wealth of knowledge to promote equal access and improve the attainment of D/deaf and hard of hearing people, through the sustained engagement of educational institutions and the wider community. Primarily by educating and raising awareness through the delivery of high quality services.


Our vision?

To be the best. We aim to be the main provider for, information, guidance, support and training for people with a desire to engage with D/deaf people, long term we hope to achieve a nationwide recognition of being the go-to company when thinking about D/deaf support and training.


Our values?

  • DEAF is always eager to work with anyone that is committed to supporting D/deaf people.
  • DEAF are adaptive and inclusive in our methods of engagement, the views of clients and professionals are invaluable in ensuring that our services are delivered to the highest quality.
  • Often copied never bettered, our services are original concepts that have been developed over time to ensure the right solution is delivered.
  • Obliterating barriers… Forget about breaking barriers we want to remove them completely, and we do it in a big way.
  • DEAF is committed to offering a professional approach that enables a positive change in the lives of both D/deaf and hearing people.